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Hyperlocal Marketing for Real Estate Investors

Thursday May 9th, 2019 6:30PM

Avenue of the Arts Hotel

With David LaPlante from Property Radar Hyperlocal Marketing for Real Estate Investors How a little brain science and few good data habits helps you discover and win more deals and customers in an increasingly competitive market. Get your marketing right or get fewer deals. It’s that simple. Real estate investing isn’t just a game of numbers, but a process that depends on determined hyperlocal marketing. Armed with a data-advantage and insights into irrational human behavior, you • Spend less time and money marketing to the wrong people. • Understand how to motivate response and get connected. • Grow your business with more consistency and less anxiety. It’s a tight market and there’s a lot more competition. Standing out and getting response has never been as important. Do you struggle with marketing? Are you unsure of who or where to focus? Feeling desperate to find new opportunities? Or are you terrified of trying something new and making a mistake in your marketing? This presentation is for you. Protect yourself from guru gimmicks or being sold secrets that you can find on Google by joining David LaPlante, Chief Marketing Officer for PropertyRadar for a presentation covering the hyperlocal local marketing that successful real estate investors use to drive new business. In this presentation David will cover: • Understanding brains, behavior, and branding to stand out and connect • Why hyperlocal marketing is working and how it protects you from competition • Simple, proven processes to discover your market and future deals • Brand marketing basics and messaging with meaning that gets response • Why connecting across channels is incredibly important • Work smarter, not harder, with automation

Meeting Location:

Avenue of the Arts Hotel
3350 Avenue of the Arts
Costa Mesa, CA. 92626 TEL: 714 751 5100